Our Clients


The firm’s scope of operations covers all the sectors of the economy.

Our commercial clients represent many sectors of business life in the region we operate in including Agriculture, Tourism, Transport, Manufacturing, Art Galleries, Printers, Publishers, The media, Insurance, Bookshops, staff retirement benefit schemes, the Jua Kali Sector, Retailing and Distribution. We are registered as auditors for Co-operatives.

We also provide a personal service to individuals in business or professional practice including Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Lawyers, Artists, Engineers, Doctors and Management Consultants.

Aid and Development
We service programmes and projects of government funded, bilateral aid agencies of major independent aid agencies, and of many smaller development agencies. We act on behalf of agencies based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and other European countries.

NGOs and Church-related Organisations
Our clients include several Hospitals, Health Institutions, Integrated Development Projects, Churches, Continental Church Organisations, Schools, University Colleges, Publishing organisations and other Non-Government organisations working in East and Central Africa.

Government Organisations
We have provided financial consultancy and audit services for several Government organisations covering the health, social services and education sectors.